Expertise in responding to change.

For over 20 years AmTrust Solutions has created, marketed, administered and serviced flexible, dependable identity and lifestyle solutions.

With the advent of the data-driven world, the times have changed and so have the risks. Our experienced team designs unique coverage and services that help assess risk, monitor for misuse, and respond swiftly to a theft or breach of information.

We are committed to helping small businesses and people proactively address the modern-day risks and threats of identity theft and fraud.


Foundation that counts.

FGC-2014Our parent company, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., (NASDAQ: AFSI) is a recognized leader in the insurance industry, having achieved consistent and exceptional growth since its founding in 1998.  The company focuses on serving the needs of small businesses and works closely with its agents, brokers and team members to be responsive to the needs of this market.

The company’s entrepreneurial environment and “can-do” culture have been part of the organization since inception and continues today despite now having 5,100+ employees throughout the U.S. as well as Europe.  AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. was selected as the Best-Managed Company in the insurance industry by Forbes magazine (December 29, 2014) and one of the top 100 fastest growing companies by Fortune magazine for 2014.


“Today, cybercrimes and the behind-the-scenes activities used to commit them, are happening right before us—the big breaches are in the news on a daily basis. Should something go wrong for you or your small business, you probably won’t end up in the news. Yet, the actions taken against you or your business may be devastating.”

Barbra Merwin
Senior Vice President