Most people do not realize how important it is to have their financial, cyber and legal records, and overall identity, monitored by an identity management company such as AmTrust Identity Management until it is too late.

Identity Monitoring

Don’t wait until you have become a victim of identity fraud. Be proactive and protect yourself. You work hard for your money and have a good reputation — don’t let a criminal take that away.

What Is Identity Monitoring?

Identity theft monitoring is a process that was created to help minimize the scope and impact of an identity fraud attempt. The goal of identity theft monitoring is to put a stop to the process as soon as any type of suspicious activity is evident. Without monitoring, the telltale signs of identity theft aren’t seen until it’s too late.

Why Identity Monitoring Is Important

There are numerous advantages to identity monitoring. A key benefit is protecting the reputation of the individual. When identity theft happens, it is easy for the criminal to commit crimes that will damage the true owner’s reputation.

How Identity Monitoring Helps

Another benefit of identity monitoring is averting the establishment of a number of falsified credit accounts. Suppose the person whose identity was stolen has good credit and the thief rapidly opens a large number of credit accounts. Sadly, it can take a while for the credit file to be straightened out.

What Is Credit Monitoring?

Credit monitoring is a type of  service that notifies a person of changes to their credit file. Credit files are managed by the three large credit bureaus. A credit file is composed of a credit header file, which includes personally identifiable information (PII) and a credit report, which details credit account activity. When someone decides to take advantage of a credit monitoring service, a company such as AmTrust Identity Management watches over the individual’s credit report, notifying the individual of changes such as new account openings. These changes to the credit report are often the first signs of attempted identity fraud. Monitoring offers peace of mind and saves time from having to manually check credit reports a few times a year.

How Does Credit Monitoring Help?

No one can prevent theft. However, if an identity management company catches it early, it can be fixed quickly, perhaps limiting the damage to your credit report (such as unknown account delinquencies). If you have been a victim of identity theft, credit monitoring may give you peace of mind.

What Is Cyber Monitoring?

Cyber monitoring concentrates on the invitation-only “Dark Web”, which is an alternative internet that criminal hackers and identity thieves use to sell and trade illegal material like stolen credit card numbers, social security numbers and passwords. 

Why Cyber Monitoring Is Important

Everyone uses the internet — from the military, government agencies, hospitals, businesses and individuals, most everyone stores confidential information on computers and then transmits the information across networks to several other computers. If there is a breach in security, your information can be stolen, sold or used maliciously. 

How Does Cyber Monitoring Help

No one can prevent identity theft. Cyber monitoring may inform individuals and companies of the theft of personal data by searching the Dark Web for private personal or business information. If that information is discovered early, the negative impact to reputation and credit a person or business may face may be reduced.

Legal Records Monitoring

A legal record is an official, public document from various levels of government. Legal records vary from marriage and birth certificates to traffic violations and sex offender registries.

What Is Legal Records Monitoring?

Legal records monitoring searches for your personal information in these public records databases. The goal of monitoring isn’t to keep your information private. It’s to make sure everything is accurate.

Why Is Legal Records Monitoring Important?

Legal records monitoring identifies your information in the public domain. Criminals may use false identities when committing crimes. Innocent identity theft victims have been arrested, detained, even added to sex offender registries all because a criminal forged an identity.

How Does Legal Records Monitoring Help

No one can keep legal records private. They are public information. Legal records monitoring helps by making you certain the legal records found in your name are legitimate. Misuse of your identity in the criminal court system can take years to clear up, damaging reputations and finances. The sooner you catch the misuse, the sooner you can start the process of clearing your name.