telemedicineMost people believe identity fraud only effects their finances, but there are many other types of identity fraud, such as medical and prescription fraud, that have become increasingly common. Medical fraud occurs when someone else uses your information to obtain medical care, and/or prescriptions. This often results in the victim being left with medical bills for treatment they never received, and an incorrect medical history file.
Unpaid medical bills can show up as derogatory records on your credit file which directly affect your credit score. Just as you make a yearly appointment for your flu shot, you should also review your credit report.
Helpful tips when you have the sniffles:
• Make sure to tear off and shred any personal information on any prescription container;
• If ordering prescription through an online service don’t forget to log off after you’ve finished and avoid saving your credit card number as a favorite. The fewer places your credit card number is stored online the better.
Should anything on your credit file appear amiss we can work directly with you to help you resolve the issue.
The author of this article is not an attorney, and nothing herein is or should be construed as legal advice.