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Who Is Managing Your Identity?

Your identity is created when you are born. With every year of your life, you add more personal information to your identity thumbprint. AmTrust Solutions is a company focused on helping people manage their personal identity.

In the wrong hands, some or all of your personal information can be used by others to assume your identity. It’s more than just having access to your credit. Think of what could be done with all that is stored or transmitted about you in the digital data-driven world.


What makes up your identity thumbprint?

Your birth date, Social Security number, passwords, PINs, and personal and financial information undoubtedly reside outside your control and possession — on a server, database, computer or other device controlled by others — possibly someone you do business with, a store you shop at, an employer or a website you visited. Even in the traditional sense, having your wallet or purse lost or stolen puts you at greater risk today. Consider all that may be on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

No service can prevent your identity from being stolen. But knowing early-on that your identity has been stolen or compromised is ideal — so you can fix the issue before it negatively affects you.

That’s why AmTrust Solutions is here to serve your needs.

Introducing great Identity Management solutions.

We developed Personal Identity Management plans that are available directly through our organization. Our Personal Identity Management plans are available to residents of 48 states excluding New York and Texas, who are at least 18 years of age. Each plan includes credit monitoring and identity restoration services. We also provide specialized plans in support of partners who enlist our company to design, build, market, and support plans for their customers. All of our plans use technology platforms that monitor much more than just your credit bureau reports.

page-footer-rating-fwYou’ll find many of the Identity Management plans we offer include Identity Theft Insurance coverage, underwritten by AmTrust International Underwriters Limited, rated “A” (Excellent)  by A.M. Best Company. Having a level of protection can make a real difference with our identity management plans.

Our Premier plan includes New Credit Application Monitoring, which provides proactive alerts about potential financial fraud. We’ll notify you if your identity is used for new credit and bank account applications, if changes are made to your personal information in bank accounts, or if a new signer is added to an existing account. We’re also proactive about online fraud. AmTrust Solutions uses technology to monitor the so-called Dark Web, which are “invitation only” websites where personal information is bought or sold online.

Should you wish to enroll now in one of these plans click the orange box above or please call 1-855-834-7641 to learn how these plans can benefit you and talk with one of our specialists.

For plan availability and disclosures, please see “Disclosures” on this website.

Credit Monitoring Is Just the Beginning.


Credit monitoring services alert us after a credit event occurs (e.g. a new credit application has been added to our credit file). But the credit alert is often the last filter to catch fraudulent activity. We believe credit monitoring is important, but it’s just one step in the identity management process.

Non-credit information is important too.

Every year of life we keep adding more personal information to our financial thumbprint. Some of this information is tied to your credit file, but non-credit information can also be used to assume your identity, compromising your financial independence. Having earlier visibility is ideal in the event your identity is compromised so you can react and take action, before it hits your credit file.

There’s a lot of Information About You out There!

ID-imgIf you think about it, in our data-driven world, there’s a lot of data and personal information out there about you and your activities.  Some of this information is tied to your credit file but non-credit information can also be used to assume our identity.  We believe having earlier visibility into both credit related and non-credit related information is ideal in the event your identity is compromised.  Then, you can react and take action with a more comprehensive picture.

Fast-acting identity theft detection.

With each year that passes, our identity thumbprint grows and becomes more and more difficult to manage. While many times our identity is compromised in ways that show up on our credit files, non-credit information may also be compromised to assume our identity. While no service can monitor all websites or other potential locations your information may be exposed, our plans monitor many Dark Web sites and will alert you if we find your information where it should not be. AmTrust offers the earliest visibility in the event of identity theft, triggering a quick reaction, possibly even before it hits your credit file. The earlier we can take action, the better chance you have of gaining full recovery of your identity.