Providing your people
with access to valuable new benefits.

To support small business owners, AmTrust Solutions provides a platform of unique and very relevant voluntary benefit programs. Our programs allow you to offer your employees, benefits beyond traditional ones. The traditional benefits, like medical, dental, vision, life and disability, can be expensive and out of reach for many small business owners to fund for their people. We have a solution.

Relevant benefits for the real world.

Our team of specialists creates and offers a new range of voluntary benefits for the modern day. The new benefits are low-cost, easy to deploy and nontraditional. They focus on reducing modern-day risks and threats to your employees’ personal and household livelihood.

A range of programs to offer.

These voluntary benefits include: protecting one’s mobile devices, keeping their vehicles performing and appliances working, and monitoring their personal, financial and social identities. They bring a unique mix of benefits that are very relevant, valuable and affordable for the employee to purchase through payroll deduction. Or the employer may wish to contribute to the cost of these valuable benefits.

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We offer valuable new voluntary benefits that can be offered as either employer-paid or employee-paid options.

Our new benefits focus on keeping active households functioning. Mobile devices and vehicles are important lifelines that keep employees connected at home and at work. When they’re out of commission, it can be hard to get employees back on track.

Our programs are designed to help employees stay connected and productive. Complete with low monthly payments and dedicated customer service, AMT Workforce Benefits can help reduce distractions from breakdowns of mobile devices, appliances and vehicles.


First off, when the small business owner selects AmTrust to provide modern day voluntary benefits, you can be assured of processes to support the effective launch and ongoing effort in providing these benefits. And a great service experience for their employees.

For the business owner themselves, we can provide Business Identity Management solutions that are designed for small companies to help manage the risks associated with potential breaches and maintain their good reputation with both their customers and employees should a breach occur.

Finally, the business may decide to guard every worker’s most valuable asset — their identity. Our comprehensive Identity Management solutions include options for assessment, monitoring and breach response services and relevant insurance coverage should an employee become a victim of identity theft. This can be offered in many ways including as a voluntary benefit, part of an employer paid package. In the event of a data breach, Identity Management can be provided to employees so they can monitor and check for fraudulent use of their affected personal, financial or employee data.